Monday, December 03, 2007

Remember when I used to complain about no rain?

During our shoot it rained once...we decided to add a scene this past weekend, so Danielle, Lana and I went to Salamonie Reservoir to shoot. It rained and it was 40 degrees f.

At the bottom of the ravine, Danielle got stuck in deep mud.

I decided to help, but mainly got muddied myself and Danielle got out of the 16inch deep mud by her self.

Danielle (as Gwen) makes it up the steep incline and heads off to face the GUARDIAN.

Then I got Lana's car stuck in the mud when she said to "Pull over, I want to take a picture."

I was trying to push the car out of the mud as Danielle sat in the back seat smoking..then she emerged and pushed on the back end of the car and it was free from the mud. I need to work out more!

More pictures to come later...and I will include the story of the fight between me and Danielle that involved a horse's skull and eight inches of muddy water.

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Michael G Clark said...

Danielle is a real trooper, well done on getting those pick ups done in those conditions. I can see, like us, you hope to make your next film somewhere warm and dry.