Sunday, December 09, 2007

The other day...

...Ted and I got together to look at the rendered footage that I had edited. It got me psyched seeing it on the TV instead of the small window on my crappy computer. We finished the night chasing my boys around the house with plastic guns.

But then, late into the night when I could not sleep and after my son had asked me questions about Jedi's and Sith Lords (Can Sith Lords marry?...I dunno.) I got to thinking about something. Originally, before Lucas' head trauma that turned the Force into Midicloriens or whatever, the Force was something that people either had or they didn't have so the whole "Going Monk" idea worked. But, if it's a blood thing, then shouldn't the Jedi be encouraging their young Jedi to hook up and procreate in hopes of creating more Jedi?

Yoda: "Mmm. The Force with this one is strong. Boogie the night away he should. Meet babes with high midi's this one should. Younglings to make, baby showers to attend."

Anakin: "So...I don't have to hide the fact that I'm with Padme?"

Yoda: "Congratulations are due. Babies you should make."

Anakin: "Excellent. Thanks Dad-er, Yoda. By the way, Palpatine's a Sith Lord. Good luck with that. I'm going on a REAL honeymoon! Padme!!!"

These are the things that keep me awake at night!

btw, can Sith Lords marry?


Michael G Clark said...

But alas young Ani would still have a dream, or eat a bad burrito, that would make him kill "younglings," to prevent bad things happening to them.

I still have no idea what happened in the last (or 3rd) movie.

But to answer your question, yes, Sith can marry. Darth Sidious was darth maul's husband.

allen said...

Ah...that would explain a lot. I suppose that if Yoda would have sent Ani to a therapist to get over his mom things would have turned out a lot better for the universe.

Ted said...

I think may have had deeper mommy problems then we think, if you look at it, when him and Padme met for the first time she became a sort of mother figure to him, so with his mental problems, is there something more to that relationship in his mind???

Michael G Clark said...

I think the whole thing was autistic to a great degree.

Ani: "hello I'm mental with a fake arm, do you wanna marry?"

Padi: "Cool, we've spent nearly 3 days together and you have your own evil theme tune, course I will."

allen said...

But remember, Michael, hot chicks dig the bad boy. If I had a my own evil theme tune and the ability to Force Choke people in high school, I'd have gotten the babes then...still not sure if I'd trade in the arm tho...