Thursday, December 20, 2007

Waiting...waiting...oh top ten!

While waiting for the family to crash so that I can at last FINALLY watch BLADE RUNNER uninterrupted, I decided to post something I have long thought, but not done. My TOP TEN favorite films and TV shows...tho not in any particular order.

Star Wars - A New Hope
Outlaw Josey Wales
Raiders of the Lost Arc
Blade Runner
Rocky (1 and Rocky Balboa tie)
Die Hard (1 and 4 tie)
Star Trek (even numbered films)
Passion of the Christ

TV shows
Babylon 5
Twin Peaks
Star Trek (original and Next Generation)
Battlestar Galactica (the new series)
X Files (season 1-3)

Honorable mentions in film (ie top twenty)
The Thing
Dirty Harry
Apocalypse Now
Lord of the Rings
Black Stallion


Michael G Clark said...

I knew you had similar film and tv tastes to me, but thats too close. Although I prefer "The good, the bad and the ugly," to "the Outlaw Josey Wales."

And dr who instead of trek. But it's still close. Oh, and maybe no Mel Gibson films, apart from Mad Max.

There's a little brit comedy film called "Funny Bones," which would be in my top 20. I think you'd like it, its got Jerry Lewis, Oliver Platt and Lee Evans. A unique and rather mental film -

allen said...

Mad Max would be knocking on the door. I think I liked Apocalypto so much because it shot in a forest and I watched it in the middle of our forest shoot...or maybe I just really liked it. As for "The Passion", in College I did a series of paintings based on the Passion and I was harshly criticized for the amount of blood and violence I painted...

Funny thing about "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", I always use the final shoot out in my film class when I 'm teaching editing. From the moment Clint first proposes the shoot out, there are somewhere around 85 cuts before the first gun is drawn. That would have to be my second favorite Clint film with "Unforgiven" coming in third, "Pale Rider" coming in fourth and "High Planes Drifter" fifth.

Dr. Who really should be on the list somewhere. When I was in high school, I was so obsessed with it that I had my Aunt knit me an 18 foot long scarf just like Baker's.

Tim Jensen said...

I totally agree with your top ten list Allen...

i am not a fan of teen movies but "Super Bad" is knocking on my top list of movies.

the classic "Better off Dead" is another one of my top favs.

allen said...

Better Off Dead ROCKS. "Hey look, someone threw away a perfectly good white boy" or something like that. Also in my top twenty would be Shawn of the Dead. How did I forget that!?!?