Monday, January 07, 2008

Blade Runner Review

Okay, as we ease our way through post production like an air bubble in a jar of syrup (yeah, it's going that slow) I have had the opportunity to get caught up on some much needed movie watching. And yes, as the heading reads, this is my Blade Runner review. But not just any old Blade Runner, all FIVE Blade Runners.

Yes, for those of you not in the know, there were five versions of the film and numerous well made documentaries.

1. Final Cut
2. (so called) Director's Cut
3. American theatrical Cut
4. European theatrical Cut
5. Work Print...uh, Cut

First off, I loved this movie when it first came out, though most of my friends and family did not. My biggest problem was that the film (I had it on Beta, VHS and Laser Disc) was no longer viewable after our Beta was stolen (the player, not the tape) my VHS was damaged (overplayed) and my Laser Disc was sold to buy my first DVD player. Oh sure, they had the Director's cut but it did not have the dialog and there was the stupid unicorn dream and the depressing ending. So I never bothered watching it...till now.

I popped in the Final Cut, the one Ridley Scott said was his favorite. And guess what? No narration, the stupid unicorn dream and the depressing ending. I LOVED IT! I don't know why. I then watched the American theatrical cut and kept finding myself annoyed by the constant talk over the music and sound effects. The unicorn footage no longer bothered me and I felt really good when all was over. I could have had the footage in the car without the narration at the end, but I was quite honestly fine without it.

Andrew G. has a great review as well with some images on his blog and he tackles the color changes quite well. So I won't bother. Check out the images he posted on the stunt woman with the bad wig crashing through the glass and the final cut version. FANTASTIC. Ridley also fixed the scene where Dekard is 'speaking' to the snake seller. Harrison Ford's mouth was always moving tho it was the snake seller giving up Taffy Lewis' establishment. Now, his mouth doesn't move.

And the documentaries? Excellent. They even have one where they bring in writers and such and they all give their argument as to the origins of Dekard. Is he a replicant or not. A must see.

My only disappointment was the work cut. Not really all that different. Would have liked to have seen more in it.

And now, back to the bubble.


Sally said...

It could be my age, I watched the movie and at the end, all I could think was... "What the hell just happened?"

allen said...

A common response from a lot of people. We'll talk about it in class some time. How goes your vacation?

Sally said...

It's going fine. I have finished all the penciling except the cover and a few details on some pages. I have 10 pages inked. None have been toned yet. I bought some brushes and ink to refine lines after the pen inking. It's all moving... very slowly.

How are you? Did you have a nice X-mas?

allen said...

Great lot's of DVDs. But that is great about the graphic novel progress. Good work. Can't wait to see it. I've got about 30 images to show you from my new sketch book...please post some of your stuff on your blog! See you soon!