Friday, January 18, 2008


I got a package in the mail today and it was a real treat. Michael sent over his effects shots and they look great. I'm only posting a little of them here because some of them I really want to keep for a surprise. Thanks Michael!

(keep in mind, these posts are low res versions...the actual stuff is really tight!)

One of Michael's gliders doing a fly-by.

The sculpture of Garault just before the storm hits!


Anonymous said...

What tracking software is being used for this? Or are all the CG scenes completely CG without live action? It looks good right now, but a little fake-ish still. Could maybe use some grain and some color grading or something for better effects. If there isn't any motion blur, add that as well.

Ted said...

The great thing about this footage is that is does look real. The caliber of people that have worked on this film is just above and beyond what I would have expected. From the actors, and editors to the special effects people, without them we couldn't have had this film at the point that it is at. I believe the footage will look better once you see it in the movie actually animated. The amount of detail that he put into this piece is immense! I cannot wait till Allen shows me the actual movie files so I can see it moving!!!

allen said...

Hey annon...feel free to post a name. we here at A WORK IN PROGRESS are relaxed and casual and accept any comments. No need to hide the name.

As far as 'fake-ish' there still has work to be done. This is the raw stuff. When all is said and done, it'll match and look fantastic.

next time, leave a name, dude. Thanks for the input.

Elder "Susie" Stahl said...

Lo res or not, these shots are incredibly stunning & beautiful! It's impossible not to see the gianormous amount of work that went into creating them. Great scenes Michael, love your stuff! Marvelous... simply marvelous!

Michael G Clark said...

Hi, cheers for putting these up. Feel free to blur, grade shake or whatever to the clips. They are just raw files for integration.

At the moment they are a little too pretty, but once they have been overexposed and roughed up they should be ok.

Ted said...

oh, they ARE too pretty, I will rough them up and give them a black eye till they speak....oh wait that is my other appointment.

allen said...


you scare me. I am the one who is in charge of beating up the footage. Down boy! SIT!