Thursday, January 24, 2008

Okay...wah...I was in a bad mood last night.

Feeling much better. Last night I was in a funk, but today I'm feeling better. Much better. Lana is getting work ready for the show...oh, did I forget to mention the SHOW? Lana is showing a bunch of photos, that she took during the production, a a local coffee shop called THE GRIND! The opening is Feb 9th at seven pm. I expect Michael Clark to be there on time. :)


Michael G Clark said...

Sorry Allen, I'm busy that night as I'm addressing the European Union in Brussels. Any other night and I would have made it.

Hope the show goes well

allen said...

Dang. What crappy luck. And I was going to buy you a cheap latte.

Michael G Clark said...

Cheers, I'll have to pass. I'll let you post me one.

Should have flying thing animations finished in a week. I'll get those to you with a region 2 copy of Subway.

Lauren Reeser said...

Hey Allen! How's it going!? Thanks for the comment too :-) I ADORE Mucha (who doesn't), but I need to kinda find my own way to do the same thing...don't want to get tagged as a Mucha-wannabe :-)