Friday, January 11, 2008

I've got the Post-Production Blues, baby!

The temperature is about 40 f and it's been raining all week. 1) where was all of this rain last summer when we needed it? I know, I know! It was screwing up "Removals" production in Scotland. That was our rain, Michael. ha ha. 2) the rain has now effectively flooded our basement...wherein lies my studio and workout room thing.

So yeah, I'm sorta bummed. I want to be editing more stuff, but my computer is so slow that it takes a year to load the footage and then it just stares back at me and laughs.

So yeah, I'm bummed. And I go back to work tomorrow. No more free Saturdays.

But wait! What's that you say? You found photos from Dan-the-man that you have not viewed in months or posted ever? Well, by all means, post those bad boys and lets get past the brooding.

So here we go. This is how Ted maintained a level of authority. NO NAPS ON LOCATION!

No...that isn't a rain soaked T-shirt I have on. I was thinking so hard that day that every sweat gland in my body erupted. Yuck. I know! Deal with it. The crew did!

...except for Megan. She told me that I stank.

I have actually lost over twenty pounds since the start of shooting! That's a good thing as I look at these images and see how fat I was...but enough about me...Let's look at Megan - the one who said I stank. Here Stephanie is helping her remove two and a half hours of make up.

Actually, she was a fantastic trooper...she came to the set with her lines memorized and she put up with all of the make up and the ice cold make up removal system...

And here we have Danielle and John at SWEATBOX STUDIO!

And honestly, does anyone really miss the ice cold water?


Michael G Clark said...

Is that a sword ted is waving at Tarina, or is he just really excited?

All your actors look well into their roles there, must be fun to see how much effort they've put into it.

The first of the animated stuff has been sent off, so you should get that in a week. Even with the monster in the atlantic that seems to eat all the mail we send over there.

allen said...

I sword, one would hope.

allen said...

Can't wait for the stuff to arrive!

Ted said...

Well Michael, to let you know it was a little from column A and a little from column B. Not really, I saw an opportunity for me to get on camera, I figured if I took out Tarina, I would be the next pick for the role of Lilly.

Michael G Clark said...


You'd have to get a lilly wig for the role. There's a photoshop opportunity for someone!

Ric said...

Snaps 4-7 are really cool. Did you take those?

allen said...

They were all taken by Lana Mabbit. She's our official photographer and she works for 98.9 the BEAR as their official photographer. She rocks!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

From the small pic it looks like Ted is fishing for women !! :)

allen said...

That's Ted!