Wednesday, January 23, 2008


There is a scene in "A Fish Called Wanda" where Kevin Kline opens the safe only to find it empty and he shouts out "Disappointed!" That is where I am right now with this production. If I had a computer that could handle all of the footage, it would have been edited and done a month and a half ago. Or maybe two months ago.

Tonight, I'm just not happy at all about the progress of the movie. There are things that should have been finished weeks if not months ago and I'm frustrated. I'm sure that tomorrow I will see things in a brand new light, but let me rant this evening. I want a real computer that can handle the amount of footage we have shot so that I can get this done NOW! It is dragging on too long. We should be dubbing and adding foley by now. It's pathetic.

ps. Thanks again to Michael for delivering superior stuff! Cheer!

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Michael G Clark said...

The planet was edited on a 6 year old mac with the memory of an ipod. It just takes time, make sure you cataloge and back up though as small systems freak out with editing and can give up. Ours did, it cost about $1000 to get the mac fixed.