Saturday, June 09, 2007

Another great day of shooting!

The day started out pretty good. We got a lot of great shots...CLICK HERE

Shawn showed up with the skeleton armature for the GARUM arm complete with missing 'ring' finger.

But then disaster struck. The rain rack had a major breakdown. It took a while to get it working again. Duct tape to the rescue. Shawn is taking it home to repair as he has become the grand master of PVC and super glue.

Matt took over as camera operator (he has had experience on films with actual budgets!) freeing me up to do more directing and less frantic running about.

Then we shot Danielle and Luke after she has fought with Adam and received a minor scratch. It's minor compared to what Adam is going to look like.

Then it was time for Danielle to wipe out and dislocate her shoulder. Well, her character Gwen dislocates her shoulder...Danielle rolled in the water and cried out in pain a lot.

Hopefully we'll post some cool footage of Danielle running through the forest. There is a scene where she is tracking the Garum and it is on a rampage ripping up trees and she is able to run unobstructed through the forest. I had no idea how we were going to shoot this but when we hiked through the forest, we found this long stretch where a bulldozer had torn down an enormous pathway (in a GARUM-like-fashion) for Danielle to run through. Ah, if only we had a steady cam. The footage looks pretty cool though.


Elder (Susie) Stall said...

Awesome cut on Dani's arm... pretty gross, very realistic! Looks like you got some great footage & pix today, wish I could have been there, maybe next time.

allen said...

Yes. I'll email you the date and time. We ran into a problem with the latex 'cuts'. After about ten minutes in the rain the appliance began to come unglued. If you watch the video on You Tube you can see a shot where the latex is coming away from the skin.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Lots of very neat work here, looks like it's coming along great !!!