Saturday, June 02, 2007

Late night

Well, it's almost 2 am and I just finished Danea's costume. Can't wait for her to try it on. I also spent some time on Core's costume...he's the beggar. He is played by Adam and he's going to drop by tomorrow for a costume fitting and a quick study on blind fighting. I have to finish 'the Old Caretakers' costume for John Gruse as he is dying on Sunday. I also have to finish Katie's costume as she is the 'death runner' who tries to lead the GARUM to the clearing by dipping her cape in blood to attract it.

Oh...and the trailer counter is up to 122.


Dorian said...

Hey, Allen Dorian here, glad to see things are well on the way. The trailer was good, however the music made it sound as it was going to take off in to action. Other then that I found it intresting.

Most importantly, I growing my beard and I'm ready to get my part well on the way. I need posted on shootings, right now I am getting no information. I send my contact info via email.

Real Nice Work!

allen said...

A week from today. We just rescheduled and moved one of your scenes from the last day of shooting to next week. How is the beard?