Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cool stuff!

I just watched the footage from last Saturday and something clicked. The camera sees a lot more than I do. When Danielle and Luke kissed, I saw no magic...when I saw the footage, I totally believed the love was there. When I shot the scene where Sally dies in Trina's arms, I was frustrated because it wasn't how I envisioned it. When Sally says "I'm afraid to die", and the blood runs from her head, I actually got choked up. I can't wait until Saturday. We have some REALLY cool stuff to do. We'll be shooting most of the end sequence that is all about Gwen and the Garum.


jonzig said...

Everything looks great, Allen. It's good to see your vision coming to life and I'd really like to see the Garum footage.

Is Dorian going to be in the film still? I've noticed a lack of "happiness" in your video clips.

allen said...

There will be a little sunshine at some point and hopefully he won't break out in song.