Thursday, June 07, 2007

This is...well, cool

Bought this today and it reminded me so much of why I wanted to make films. Slap down the $35.00 and get it. Lucas is as Lucas was...meaing that in this book, e comes acrss as the cool guy I wanted to emulate as a kid, not the "oh, wouldn't it be cool if we marketed Obi-wan action figures that are really TRANSFOMERS" guy. This book really takes me back 30 years.


Andrew Glazebrook said...
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Andrew Glazebrook said...

I got this for my Birthday, it's a great book, the story about how difficult this was to make is more interesting than most actual films, I've always said it's films that have problems when shooting that turn out better more often than not, look at the prequels were they had tons of money and no problems, dull movies with no real soul !! I really hope they do a similar book to this for the 30th Anniversary of Close Encounters and Alien !