Saturday, June 16, 2007

Long day...good day...PART ONE

(All pictures here were taken by Lana Mabbit - professional photographer)

We shot from 10:30 to 3:45.

We arrived and tried out Shawn's new rain rack. It worked out a lot better and we were able to control the direction of the water spray. He is adding a valve for next week so that we won't have to keep running back to the house.

Stephanie and John joined us and Stephanie was really great at keeping things organized...even if she did get lost in the woods.

Danielle had a difficult time getting into costume when it was wet.

We built Gwen's hut for two shots and then had to take it apart.


Lauren Reeser said...

Wow,I love this behind-the-scenes stuff! Very cool. Thanks again for visiting my blog...I
m just getting into professional costume design, but yeah, it's hard to sew for folks all the way in Indiana :-(. Again, love the on-site photos you're posting :-) --Lauren

allen said...

Thanks...just posted more.