Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hey...we're making a movie.

I've had something happen a lot recently and it's sort of cool. For almost two years I've been talking about making this movie. A lot of people have nodded their heads and smiled. But now that we have photos of the shoot and a quick trailer up, and people see it and they realize we aren't messing around and it's high quality, they are stunned. They are REALLY surprised. Tonight I showed the trailer to a student at IPFW and he was impressed. A lot. I think the whole thing is, a lot of people make 'movies'...a lot of college kids and high school kids and people who just have a camera make little movies that sometime might even have a plot. But this is serious and people are starting to see that. I think it's why we are suddenly having more people want to get on board.

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Michael G Clark said...

We got the same thing for a long time, but once people start reading about it in the papers the nay sayers shut up quick enough.

Lots of luck with the fight and watch your stilts don't snap your legs off or something. I finally got round to putting the van drag photos up on my blog so you can have a laugh now.