Friday, June 22, 2007

Never really realized how tall I was!

One thing that's cool is how quickly Danielle has become Gwen. Tho she's never had any formal training and only acted in small videos, the moment I say action, she is no longer Danielle...she really becomes Gwen. But fortunately she stops being Gwen the moment I say cut. It's also nice that I hardly have to direct her.

And this is something that I've noticed about a lot of the people involved. Sally turned in a performance that caused me to write her more lines. Luke is really getting into the physical aspect of his character and everyone is just doing a great job in front of the camera. Today, for the first time, as I edited the shooting schedule, I realized that very soon we'll be done shooting. I don't want it to end because it has been such a great experience.

I have been on other shoots where it has been chaos and the director is yelling and the cinematographer is stomping around and it's just no fun. This is a blast! I think one of the reasons it's been so much fun is that I have a dorks, no divas, no darn know-it-alls. Those are the three types who really ruin a shoot. I've actually had to tell some people that "we're fine, we don't need any more help," because there have been people who I know would bring the production down and we don't want them on the shoot.

Can't wait for Sunday. Lot's of dialog.

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